Model. Compute. Analyze.

TKRISK is a probabilistic graph application used by engineers to build, explore and analyze risk models.

Simple interface. Powerful analytics.

TKRISK allows for interactive Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) editing with customizable nodes expressing random variables and edges representing their conditional dependencies. The intiuitive user interface enables Bayesian models creation from scratch and powerful scenarios generation and analysis.


Building advanced risk models is made simple with TKRISK's flexible and well documented UI.


TKRISK's analytical capabilities are powered by quantitative libraries developed and maintained by Tenokonda's R&D team.


TKRISK is scalable by design leveraging existing cloud infrastructure.

TKRISK Modules

Graph Creation Icon

Graph Creation

Create probabilistic graph models
Graph Theory Icon

Graph Theory

Analyze graphs structure
Exact Inference Icon

Exact Inference

Infer probability distributions
sampling Icon


Forward sample graph models
Model Calibration Icon

Model Calibration

Calibrate graph models from observations
Structure Learning Icon

Structure Learning

Automatically generate graph structure from data
Scenario Analysis Icon

Scenario Analysis

Explore, visualize and analyze scenarios
Random Generator Icon

Random Generator

Select random number generator most adapted to your needs
Scenario Engine Icon

Scenario Engine

Generate joint stochastic paths
Distribution Fitter Icon

Distribution Fitter

Fit probability distributions on observed data

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