Cutting Edge Quantitative Solutions

Tenokonda brings four decades of quantitative and machine learning expertise to capital markets and the energy industry. Headquartered in London and Silicon Valley with a network of experts in four countries, our client roster includes Fortune 100 financial institutions, multi-national oil and gas companies, and energy start-ups.

Tenokonda leverages cross-disciplinary synergies in Quantitative Finance, Oil and Gas, and Artificial Intelligence to build powerful software solutions delivering immediate added value. Our commitment to R&D driven products rests on strong technical expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices.

Our intellectual property includes a wide range of advanced analytics tools, while we also work on bespoke data science solutions to meet client requirements and needs.


We can engage at any stage of a product lifecycle ranging from discovery to productization. We work transparently and collaboratively, with knowledge sharing as a key outcome at every step.

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