Bayesian Risk Systems

Tenokonda provides a Risk Intelligence software suite for businesses. Tenokonda helps its customers make better informed decisions with high quality risk models. Combining most recent advances in graph theory and scenario analysis, Tenokonda has developed a Bayesian framework for modeling causal relationships and enable probabilistic inference among random variables.

Tenokonda brings four decades of quantitative expertise to capital markets and the energy industry. Headquartered in London and Silicon Valley with a network of experts in four countries, our client roster includes Fortune 100 financial institutions, multi-national oil and gas companies, and energy start-ups.

TKRISK - Introduction

Tenokonda released TKRISK, a new Bayesian Risk System suite for businesses. The main interface is a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) with customizable nodes expressing random variables and edges representing their conditional dependencies. The intuitive UI allows to create a model from scratch easily and get results from an intuitive web app.


The main advantages of Bayesian Belief Networks is the integration of expert knowledge along with data, the modeling of causality relationship between variables which make models transparent and interpretable. Professionals in various industries (Finance, Energy, Healthcare, Insurance, IT) and organizations can use TKRISK to quantify and assess the impact of their main risk drivers.

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