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    R324 Table attributes

    • Data tables can be created and attached to deterministic nodes
      Default node attributes can be defined at the application level
      Performance enhancements on lists and tables

    R124 Multi-tab Graph Editor

    • Graphs can be loaded in separate tabs
      Graph editor can be split into four sections by drag and droping tabs
      Graph editor can now display a legend based on node colors
      Possibility to hide/show nodes

    R1023 Enhanced scrambling for low discrepancy sequence generators

    • Enhanced scrambling algorithms for low discrepancy sequence generators
      Node names search and replace feature
      User defined nodes colouring
      Collective node editing enhancements

    R723 50K-dimension low discrepancy sequence generator

    • New low discrepancy sequence generator handling 50K dimensions
      UI ribbon replaces former menu bar
      Group edition window is now embedded and replaces former pop-up
      Various UI optimizations

    R523 Enhanced graph editing

    • Allow for expansion/collapse of groups
      Allow for layouts to be applied at group level
      Added scaling factor to layouts
      Enhanced conditional probability table editing
      Enhanced graph context menu for multi-node selection

    R1022 Bayesian networks calibration

    • Bayesian networks calibration: Categorical, Continuous and Mixture node calibration
      Multistep light-format specification enhancements, naming conventions refactoring and improved documentation
      Relocate validations, exception type enhancements and bug fixing
      Update decompress/compress tkrisk file to improve loading time
      Adding redirect URI in samples interfaces

    R522 Multistep Bayesian networks enhancements and performance optimizations

    • Multistep 'light' JSON format specification for networks
      Extending multistep sampling with optional outputs styles
      Sample statistics
      Sample histograms
      Multistep node topological sampling order
      Categorical node sample data type update
      Node sample type inference and validation during network initialization
      Sampling optimizations to improve execution time scaling with large sample counts
      Graph styles improvement
      Memory usage optimization
      Application examples

    R122 Multistep Bayesian networks

    • Handle multistep with hyper Bayesian networks
      Multistep load and sample interface methods
      Hyper Graph
      Keyboard shortcuts
      Change node type
      Save graph/view snapshots
      Line breaks handling in nodes labels
      Programatically create a deterministic expression with the sum of all parent nodes
      Custom font size on group names and plots' axes
      Center graph view on specific group
      Select a node from workspace recenters it
      Reset positioning on selected nodes

    R921 Parent node as distribution parameter

    • Parent node as parameter in continuous, mixture and discrete nodes distribution definition
      Networks bulk download/upload
      Custom quick access toolbar
      Modal window for graph metadata manipulation
      CPD table more restrictic to accept only valid values
      Ability to copy/paste group

    R621 Deterministic expression editor

    • User cancellation of operations
      Timeout of operations configurable in settings panel
      Limit of memory usage configurable in settings panel
      Deterministic nodes expression editor with syntax highlighting and autocomplete
      Deleted networks can be recovered from the recycle bin
      Simplified CPD tables for categorical nodes
      Simplified set attributes and group creation
      Nodes copy paste across graphs
      Customized components layout through selection (open/close) and repositioning (drag and drop)
      Top ribbon replaces former drop down menus and directed graph editor buttons
      Save network from Files panel
      Graph analytics includes number of nodes and edges
      Modularized html documentation
      Chart preview layout options: horizontal, vertical, automatic or multiline
      Plots can include units in horizontal axis
      Selection of nodes positioning algorithm
      Option to avoid warning before cleaning results
      Metadata loaded by default
      Metadata stickiness
      Handle line breaks in expression editor
      TKRISK version included in meta file
      Nodes naming/renaming through modal window
      Styles enhancements