Are you looking to join a start-up with a proven track record at a time of exponential growth? We are looking for people who are passionate about cutting edge technologies, take a creative approach to delivering requirements in a fast-paced environment, and enjoy working on an international collaborative team.


To apply, submit your resume along with a short description of yourself. Applicants should have authorization to work in the EU, the UK, or the US.  


Quant R&D

You will be contributing to our core library by implementing analytics in python. 

Requirements: Keen on research with high real-world impact. Expert in understanding machine learning techniques (Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning, GANs, NLP, Bayesian Methods). Hands-on experience in ML libraries (TensorFlow, PyTorch, NLTK, Gensim, Scikit-Learn). Proficient in Python programming. Ability to create high quality code.

Degree: PhD (candidate or completed) with a focus on deep learning

Useful Experience: Software engineering skills, Visualization in Bokeh, Web applications, Cloud computing, Prior exposure to Finance or Energy

Quant Application

You will be building workflows leveraging our proprietary technology and demonstrating them to our customers.

RequirementsAbility to synthesize problems and create proof of concept code that demonstrate use cases.

Degree: BSc in statistics or computer science.

               MSc or PhD in engineering or applied math

Useful Experience: Python programming (Jupyter Notebook), Visualization in Bokeh, Prior exposure to Finance or Energy


You will be responsible for building a framework that integrates and exposes our solutions as web applications.

Requirements: Strong software engineering skills, python, JavaScript, SQL/no-SQL databases, client/server architecture, security by design.

Degree: BSc or Masters in Computer Science.

Useful Experience: Software engineering, Visualization in Bokeh, Web applications, Cloud computing

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